Entry: Come See This Reminds Me Sunday, May 10, 2009

I launched this blog on Father's Day, 2005 as a surprise gift for Keith.  So it seems only appropriate to announce its movement four years and 62,845 hits later on Mother's Day.

We're moving to:  http://thisreminds.me  We'll be hosting thisreminds.me ourselves, which will give us a lot of flexibility and I'm hoping the ability to print, because I want a copy of the 300+ posts for the girls.   So if you're subscribed to this blog, go visit thisremindsme and subscribe yourself over there.  You'll get "read me" notices, just like before.  Or, you can just send me an email and I'll enroll you.

Why the blog title "thisreminds.me?"  After I'd been blogging a bit, I really regretted the choice of name I'd chosen.  "Woodworthfamily."  Blah.  Borrrring.  I wanted something to reflect more whom I was, and whom I wanted to be.  So this is from the "About" page on thisremindsme.   Which you need to go visit.  Right now.


Why “This Reminds Me…?” One night we were driving hopelessly in circles, trying to return a confused friend home who muttered “This reminds me…” at every seemingly familiar landmark. Eventually, she arrived home. As the most blessed of us do.

I’m wife to Keith and mom to four girls - three homegrown, and one brought home from St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2006. In fact - this picture of me was taken moments after we met her. I like it so much, it’s on my AT&T employee badge slung around my neck on a silver chain every workday.

San Antonio has been home since we moved from Houston in 2000. But - as Mercy Me sings - “Then I’ll gaze upon the throne of the King frozen in my steps, and all the questions that I swore I would ask, words just won’t come yet. So amazed at what I’ve seen so much more than this old mind can hold. When I finally make it home.”

So until I, too, finally make it home - “This reminds me…”

I won't be updating here any more.  So really - come visit thisremindsme.  And post a comment!  You know I live for them.

See you at http://thisreminds.me!


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