Entry: Shut De Do Sunday, May 03, 2009

When Rachel, Lois and Hannah are practicing for school or church choirs, I like them to open their bedroom doors so I can listen.  That's pure selfishness on my part.  I have nothing to contribute to their efforts.  They're 100X better than I ever was. 

When practicing "Shut De Do," Hannah was amazed I knew the song.  I had to tell her:  I used to harmonize this one in Tuesday night sings and Thursday night devos.  My friend Donnette and I sang it along with Acapella at a city-wide gathering.  Baby, I know how to "shut de do." 

So leave yours open when you practice.  Mom loves it.


May 5, 2009   06:59 AM PDT
we LOVED singing this in youth group! and we're presbyterians. ;>
May 4, 2009   08:46 AM PDT
Dad gum, them Baptists can sing!
May 3, 2009   01:36 PM PDT
You can introduce them to Randy Stonehill's version at http://tinyurl.com/d42dwn
Wendy Laubach
May 3, 2009   12:13 PM PDT
NICE gospel piano there! -- and the singers did a good job, too.

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