Entry: Honorable Mentions Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hannah was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight, as were 170 other 7th and 8th graders at Bush Middle School.   To my amazement (and gratitude), they finished in an hour.  I'm considering this a dry run for Rachel's high school graduation in June, when I'll make sure every family member has at least one book or a DS Lite with fresh batteries in-hand for the duration.  Her class has 650+ upcoming graduates.  So maybe we'll also pack water bottles and snacks.  And blankets.  And jammies.

The scholar and her parents.  With three teenage daughters around, Keith and me, we ain't too smart right now.  Most evenings, we are totally void of any intelligence, say our progeny.  But we're a figurin' we'll get a whole lot smarter in 'bout 10 - 15 years....

Keith usually stays home w/Julia (strict bedtime) on Wednesday nights while the older girls and I go to church.  Tonight, Rachel and Lois had to take Julia with them.  Rachel was so afraid she'd forget to run by the children's room and pick up her youngest sister that she wrote "Julia" in what she thought was erasable marker on her hand.  Well, it was a Sharpie.  Fail!  Honorable intention, though....

Still no real answer - but some Honorable Mentions....

Speaking of "Fail" - well, I still don't have an answer to this puzzler.  Friends contributed some Honorable Mentions, but none of the answers sang to me.  Connie, Aimee and Lois R. all thought it might be the objects' ability to make sounds.  Well...they do....but dang, the boot is a stretch.  Connie and I also shared the "black and white" idea, which proves how smart she really is.  Aimee and I also pursued an oil thread.  Whales were hunted for oil, you have to oil a piano and a train, there is polishing oil for boots and it turns out even penguins have oil in them.  But why not a spouted can?  Or a dipstick?  Or Jed Clampett?  Mayme was thinking maybe they were the "largest" of something which they could be, but....  Vicki - who teaches - said based on her experience, a student's real-life answer would be "ummmm....."    Renee - always the pragmatist - questioned whether the bottom left object was really a penguin at all.

I've got a copy of this puzzler in my inbox at work and at home.  I can't file it or delete it until I've got an answer.  Just can't.  It's a matter of honor now.


May 3, 2009   08:58 AM PDT
I kept getting stumped as well, but kept arriving at "blue whale," which - unlike the black & white killer whale (the ONLY whale that is black and white, by the way)......


I HATE to lose and am going back in my shell!
Stephanie A
April 28, 2009   07:29 PM PDT
I sent a txt to Cha Cha as I learned from your OTHER blog and received this answer:

The riddle what does a whale, penguin, boot, train and piano all have in common? is from a picture, they were all black and white.

April 26, 2009   08:18 AM PDT
Congrats, Hannah!

Are you saying you didn't like my answers??

Really. I asked another teacher. We think the (VERY POOR) answer is "none".

But, (I'll repeat) "Things taxed by Democrats" is an excellent guess. ;>
April 23, 2009   08:02 AM PDT
we used to have almost 1000 in our class til johnson opened up.

you need to give up on the object grouping, mom. if yo don't think about it, maybe it will just disappear.

because lets face it guys, she's losing sleep over it.
April 23, 2009   06:57 AM PDT
Pack something to read and a lunch. We had classes of 600+ for both Hailey and Tyler's classes and with Volluz for a last name only the Woodworths would go after them.
April 23, 2009   06:38 AM PDT
Hey Becky,

You've got it easy -- Britt's class had almost 1000 students!
Wendy Laubach
April 23, 2009   06:25 AM PDT
These are a set of objects defined by the fact that they share a rare and perfect diversity. Each of them possesses a set of characteristics that overlaps with those of one, two, or three of the others, but never four.
April 23, 2009   05:14 AM PDT
PLEASE share the answer when you DO figure it out.

Congrats to Hannah!

And, for graduation: when you pack your bags, don't forget pots and spoons and other noise making equipment to embarrass Rachel with when it's her turn to go up for the diploma!
April 22, 2009   08:36 PM PDT
I really like this blog.

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