Entry: Keep the Change Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just in case you were wondering what Ted Nugent sounds like when he's playing the National Anthem at the home of Texas liberty - the Alamo.


Keith was one of the 16,000 at the San Antonio Tea Party last night.  I would have loved to have gone, but someone had to manage the home front.   

Keith's video reminded me of when I talked my way into a press pass at 1986 San Jacinto Day festivities because I really wanted to to hear - and be near - Jerry Jeff Walker. 


Read my lips:  #41 (to be) was there, too.


But Jerry Jeff was da man of the hour.

That was then.  This is now.  And now it's time.  Really - it's time.


Add hot water.  And stir.



Wendy Laubach
April 21, 2009   05:33 PM PDT
Fear the government that fears you.
April 17, 2009   05:16 AM PDT
How fortunate Keith was to be able to go on Wednesday. Hope there are more "tea parties" in the future to show others this is not just a one time deal. It is everyone who is fed up. It is not just a "Republican" issue.

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