Entry: Serendipity Saturday Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here's some randomness on Serendipity Saturday.  Nothing relates or really makes  sense.  Sort of like real life.

You will recall my progeny dissing my 20+-year-old lipstick last year.  Today Rachel bought me a new lipstick, a gift which I accepted because my treasured lipstick case finally broke.  So I will be utterly gorgeous at church tomorrow.  Don't sit near us - I'll be such a vision of loveliness, your thoughts will not dwell on spiritual matters.

Goodbye, old friend.  (sniff)

Rachel went to get this new lipstick in her Focus.  Which wooks a widdle Lagomorpha-like. 

Ummmm....what's up, Doc?

Our church's Women's Ministry hosted its annual Spring Fling last night with a 50's theme.   Hannah went with me to help take pictures.  But not this one.

Why Keith handles Driver's Ed

Rachel worked childcare (Parent's Night Out), accompanied by her favorite assistant.  I offered to take Julia home with Hannah and me when our dinner finished at 9 p.m.  Nope.  She wanted to stay with Rachel until closing at 11 p.m.  I know where I rank.


Keith and I have been checking online today, trying to get a sense for how the strike talks are going.  Or not.  In 1983 in Houston, we had a three-week strike, followed by Hurricane Alicia, followed by a major late-September flood....all in the midst of pre-Divestiture tasks.  I worked every day from August 7 through mid-January, with two days off:  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If they strike this time, Keith will be working 12 x 6, but, at least at the moment, I won't have to do so.  And I am thankful.
In 1983, I worked six days a week in my Comptrollers unit, then Sundays in Directory Assistance (DA).  This might be an ear piece I...ummm...."borrowed" from DA.  It just might be in my scrapbook, with a notation of my average call handle time of 32.8 seconds.  Eleven-year-old Sarah and her best friend Eileen spent one Sunday afternoon calling 1411 and asking for "Aunt Becky", to the tune of $100 worth of DA charges (400 calls.) 

Donnette, Gaye, Kim and me (front)....when we were still energetic enough to work 12 x 7. 



April 10, 2009   08:00 AM PDT
she LOVES you! Do you feel like a new woman now?

(How did I miss these last two posts?? Comment for the previous post is:What Children's Bible are you reading with Julia? Have you ever done "Walk through the Bible"? We did it at summer camp and i've taught it to my third graders.)

(Only one comment for both posts because I hate the verification mix of letter and numbers. I still don't know which finger to use for numbers. I think I was sick that week.)
April 7, 2009   07:16 PM PDT
Whew! I feel so relieved knowing that Julia is in a disease-free home!

Does Amway really make lipstick? Does Amway still exist?
April 5, 2009   02:38 PM PDT
gorgeous dah-ling! Rachel has good taste in makeup and I also love MAC (no, not the big fast food kind).
April 4, 2009   10:16 PM PDT
wow, kind of didn't realize what shirt i was wearing while we filmed this one. umm, cleanest restrooms in texas though, that's forsure.
April 4, 2009   08:07 PM PDT
Yes, Rachel....Buc-cees RULES!!!!!!

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