Entry: Wiggle Me This Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break weather has been warm and breezy - until today.  The day we picked to go to Fiesta Texas.  And we froze our ta-ta's off. 


The new Wiggles section of the park is sooo cute!  There was virtually no one there today, so the girls rode the Wiggles stuff multiple times, and we all did Scooby Do and the bumper cars several times.  In between the shivers and dodging sprinkles (which haven't hit our yard yet.)

Note to parents: Let your kids go first.  They dry the seat for you.  Wink


March 14, 2009   12:32 PM PDT
Don't you know the unwritten rule....if you have season passes...you don't go on bad weather days.....that's only for vacations when you have no other choice but to stay in the hotel room! :-)
Lisa S
March 11, 2009   08:32 PM PDT
i can't believe you didn't go down the log water ride.
Brooke Nowakowski
March 11, 2009   03:22 PM PDT
Lois, you are the littlest armadillo, drowning in the wiggliness.

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