Entry: Fly Away Home Thursday, March 05, 2009

We've just returned from the second grade school play, which was preceded by a mercifully brief PTA meeting (I had to gouge Keith when - as the meeting began - he softly groaned, "Make it stop.  Make it stop.")

Julia was "Speaking Bug #12," a little lady bug.  Seldom have I seen a insect portrayed to such depth.


Fashion by Rachel:  Antennas a la headband, glitter sticks and pom-pons.  Red shirt with glitter-trimmed black circles.  Black tights.  Black flip-flops with red cloth fuzzed tie-ons


Army ants, bumble bees, love bugs, flies, moths, butterflies, even a louse, stink bug and maggot.  But absolutely none cuter than our little lady bug.

For those who don't speak Lips2Microphone:  "Before we go, I think it's time to get some free advice.  The lady bugs are so refined, they know how to act nice."

My hands are sore from clapping.  My left eye has a bit of a twitch from camera-squinting.  I'm behind on laundry, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and the breakfast table needs to be set.

But nothing is bugging me tonight. 

That position in the family has been taken.


March 8, 2009   11:04 AM PDT
"ladybug ladybug
fly away free......"

And that's all I know
so sad for me ;)

I always know I am going to do one of two things when I read the happenings at Casa Woodworth & beyond - laugh or cry, and usually both!

March 7, 2009   05:30 AM PST
very, very cute costume! and thanks for the translation - i'm not sure i would have gotten it ;o)
March 6, 2009   04:47 AM PST
Just adorable and Rachel did an amazing job!
March 5, 2009   09:35 PM PST
i am the best costume maker ever.
end of story ahahaha.

too bad she really doesn't need my costume skills to make her look adorable....
she is the only bug i don't want to step on:)
March 5, 2009   07:49 PM PST
She is adorable!!! I'm having Rachel come over next time one of our kids needs a costume!
March 5, 2009   07:46 PM PST
What a cute little bug.

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