Entry: Where is it? Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hustling out the door at work today to catch the bus - which we take to save money - I heard a few phrases droning from the lobby TV about auto makers needing "more bailout."  Their pensions aren't secure, curse the luck.  Of course, AT&T quit contributing to ours years ago. 

I checked my 401K balance records today. too.  It's back to where it was in August.  August of 1999.

Driving home from the bus stop in my six-year-old mini-van with an expired extended warranty, I heard a bit about the $75 billion bailout for mortgage lenders.   I confess I didn't listen to all of it, because I was mulling over a recent family discussion of the woman with six kids (no husband, no income) who used fertility treatments to give birth to octuplets - and now wants private donations in addition to her taxpayer welfare.   Something tells me her medical bills are higher than the cost of the two 90-day prescriptions I mailed off today - though that $500+ will come right out of my pocket, and I doubt she'll pay a dime.   The first few months of the year are always tighter, until we hit our deductible and co-pays kick in.

My government seems to think that I need to pay $30,000 for a golf course in Austin, and $5M for park trails here in San Antonio.   Huh?   That is the responsibility of the federal government - how?!  I guess the marriage penalty we pay in federal income tax helps with that, right?

This year:  Our family will take home less income and spend more on necessities than we have ever before.

So I have a question.  A sincere question.

Where's my bailout?  Who is running beside me with a microphone while I whine about no raise, higher medical deductibles and looming college costs?  Who's worried that Keith will never retire with health benefits, and insurance doesn't cover things like Julia's asthma spacers? 

Where's my bailout?

And where's yours?


February 24, 2009   05:57 AM PST
ugh, ugh, ugh.
February 22, 2009   12:50 PM PST
Bailouts for those who were irresponsible with their finances.

Those who lived within their means get to foot the bill.

It's not right.
Dale Davidson
February 19, 2009   06:13 AM PST
I hear the high deductable. The first of our year is hit with one prescription at about $700. Can't avoid it and this is at generic price. Someone is getting rich off of this. And online prescripts have the ick factor so I won't go there even though Canada sounds good right about now.
February 18, 2009   09:30 PM PST
I decided yesterday that I'm not young, so I can't claim that as an excuse.

Did you see the cover of Newsweek that said "We're all Socialists". It sickened me. I am not a socialist. Living in countries that tried that has more than convinced me that I am a proud CAPITALIST.

And, while our Constitution doesn't proclaim capitalism, neither does it say that the Federal government should be playing babysitter and getting into everyone's business. Governments should govern. And that's all.

Oh, I worry about our country in the next four years. Please let it only be four.
February 18, 2009   08:25 PM PST
when I think of bailous, I think of jail. and people in jail, are in jail for a REASON. they did something to put themselves in that position. sad as it may be, it is your own dang fault you're in jail. with the "bailout" money, I believe the same concept applies. I SAY...let GM and whoever else is going down TANK. it's their own dang fault for making too many non-fuel efficient cars. LET THEM GO DOWN SUCKAAAA. Pretty sure my parents don't go to work everyday just so their tax money can be spent however obama pleases.

I realize i'm young and naive, but that's my opinion.


peace, love and capitalism:)

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