Entry: Episode 8 of "A Man and His Pond" Saturday, January 03, 2009

When last we left "A Man and His Pond," Keith was introducing his koi to their new, watery home.

He's made major progress since March, including replacing the back fence, which looked like this yesterday (yawn):


But now today - wow!  Finally!  These whimsical terracotta creatures have been buried in blankets in our cedar chest for four years.

Parrots, frogs, lizards, a dragonfly, a moon and sun - and a huge snake that I personally carried across the border at Laredo, when it was still safe to go there.

My favorites - the turtles.  But watch the video.  You'll see we both have a thing for turtles.

Three months - we all heard it!  So the backyard should be ready for prime time around Easter. 

What's up, Doc?  A beautiful backyard!

In addition to all the pond work, Keith is also (again) coaching Julia's church basketball team.  So we have to work on the dribbling.  But still - pretty good!

We went to a lovely wedding tonight of a friend at church.  As I watched our girls enjoy the service and reception, I thought for about the millionth time:  I hope they each marry somebody every bit as good as their daddy.  Maybe we'll have the ceremonies by the pond?!


January 7, 2009   07:01 AM PST
Oh goody! A new epi of my fav reality show. ;> Looks fab!
Wendy Laubach
January 6, 2009   07:31 AM PST
Our wedding reception was in my parents' back yard. Definitely no craziness about going into debt over that wedding! It's always happiest to do the wedding you can afford, not the extravaganza that makes everyone insane.

Beautiful koi pond, especially the water plants. It's hard to believe now, but assuming it ever rains again, and given time, those herb gardens are going to be incredibly charming.
January 5, 2009   08:25 AM PST
Looks beautiful! Get the raccoon traps ready ;-)
January 4, 2009   10:35 AM PST
Good to see the TURTLES (and the rest of the artscape) at long last!

Tortuga Gigantua - love it!
Mary B
January 3, 2009   09:32 PM PST
Love it...both the pond AND Julia's basketball...such talent in the Woodworth family!

I must say, I am anxiously awaiting the next singing episode from the Woodworth sisters, though. ;)

Happy 2009!
January 3, 2009   09:22 PM PST
I like that idea, small (cheap) weddings by the pond.

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