Entry: They're Better Than Me Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There's a sweet spot in motherhood I'm discovering more and more frequently.

My kids are better than me.

When they were little, i spent so much time holding back.  Overlooking that double-jump in checkers.  Not spotting the silver slug bug turning the corner.  Clenching my jaw to keep from grunting, "Draw the card with the ice cream bar so we can finish this game already."

But often now, I just marvel.  When Rachel sings, when Lois draws, when Hannah organizes, when Julia runs - I think, "Omigosh.  They're better than me." 

Two weeks ago, I found a small wooden board on my kitchen counter.  I've been married to Keith for almost 19 years.  I've scooted around entire wood shops in my kitchen, so I thought nothing of one measly board.  Until Lois said, "It's mine.  For school."   Then I paid attention.

As we drove to church, she recounted her AP English assignment:  Make the board board representative of yourself.  Then explain it to the class.

Brain flash!  I hurriedly shared my brilliant idea, amidst the backseat catcalls of "lame," "pathetic," and "Michael Scott'ish.'  Drill five holes in the top edge of the board.  Fill each hole with a different writing instrument representing the different phases of your life - crayon, pencil, pen, art pencil and - ta-da! - an empty hole, because you don't know what the future brings.  Write your name across the front of the board in the style and medium representative of your different ages.

The laughter and groaning continued into the church parking lot.  I thought:  My offspring don't understand my great idea.  So instead of ---mmmm----listening to the sermon, I sketched.  Passed it down the row to Lois, who rolled her eyes and pointedly left it in the sanctuary on her way to Sunday School.  I picked it up with maternal efficiency, just knowing she'd want it later.

I even showed my sketch to my buds working the nursery, who were perhaps too quick to agree it was brilliant.  Did they really shut the door behind me?  Was that LAUGHING I heard?!

Lois had her own idea.  She and Keith cut the board into strips, then she built a bookshelf sporting items integral to her life.  Books.  Headphones.  Fashion.  Colorful posters on the sides and a warm blanket on top.

I'm not too sure about the Hello Kitty bandage at the bottom.  Sometimes it's best not to know.

It goes to school for a grade on Thursday.  Regardless of what she receives - the mark will be higher than what I would have gotten.

Because, yes - she's better than me. 

And I'm glad. 

What grade will she get?  Feel free to post your guess in a comment below.  First, best guess wins an original Lois sketch.  Of something.  Unless you'd rather have one of mine.  No one seems to want them.  Sigh.


October 19, 2008   02:14 AM PDT
What a cool project. Kudos to the teacher--and to both possible solutions. Bex, why not make your own?

(umm...commented on your election post, too and now see blogdrive doesn't remember me. "name" is me.)
October 15, 2008   03:02 PM PDT
Can you get higher than 100?
October 15, 2008   06:29 AM PDT
Becca, your idea has merit. Cool. Clean. Crisp. Simple.

Lois' creation has STYYLLLLLE.

Of course, the mark in question will depend not only on the artwork....but the presentation of it -- thematically, alas, Lois...Becca's innovation lends itself to the SPEECH.....

Which is, after all, the point.

Harvey the Attack Turtle awards an A, nevertheless -being the style-conscious little amphibian that he is.
October 14, 2008   08:35 PM PDT
Hey Jude
October 14, 2008   08:33 PM PDT
I'll take your original drawing. Brilliant! Simple! Absolutely devastating! Just remind your unappreciative children: As Einstein once said ... ...

E= mc2

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