Entry: View from My Monopod Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our church celebrated its 50th anniversary last Sunday.  What a happy, happy day.  When Shearer Hills people say "church family" - it's for real.  Naturally, I had to take a few pictures of such an occassion.  And threw in a 4-minute slide show, too, which I think turned out well.  So here it is. 



Yes, I know, I agree, Rachel could have done better.  But she was in Houston.  So I was on my own.



July 25, 2008   05:43 PM PDT
very special. even though i don't know a single person featured, i can just tell. thanks for sharing.
July 25, 2008   05:24 PM PDT
I think you did an amazing job on the video....I have visited your church several times, and as of late, I told a young family new in the area of your church, they have been attending and love it!
July 25, 2008   07:03 AM PDT
sorry rachel - you may not be needed anymore, your mom did a really good job

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