Entry: A Man & His Pond (To Be) Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to our family blog! Pretend like the entries are my mom's Christmas letters - only digital, more frequent and not nearly as clever. In honor of Father's Day, the girls and I decided that our first posting should be about the man in our lives - Keith. As you can see, he continues to work on his version of Walden - a koi pond for our backyard. Our thin layer of top soil covers solid limestone, which he's been chiseling out for more than a year. I've lost count of the number of truckloads of rock we have surreptitiously dumped - er - donated to nearby construction sites in the wee hours. Other than slowly loading and hurriedly unloading rock, my sole contribution has been bringing ice water to the 6'5" laborer. Earlier Father's Days were less demanding for him - just a tummyful'o'girls and an afternoon nap. But now the concrete saw calls to him. As I sift through the dust and trip over the shoes and shake my head at the yard, I also thank God for the only man in the world to whom I could be married. So... surprise,Keith! And happy Father's Day, Keith! Your four women love you. <a


Karen from Houston
July 10, 2005   09:24 AM PDT
I agree Keith is the greatest. But those four women in his life are pretty awesome, as well.
Bob Campbell
June 20, 2005   07:44 AM PDT
WOW! What a huge "baptistry" in the first picture. It is enough to make any preacher envious.
Ellie Mitchell
June 20, 2005   06:35 AM PDT
Hi Becky - thanks for sharing. This is the best Father's Day gift I have ever seen. Your hubbie is a very lucky man - and it appears that you and your girls are very lucky as well!


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