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Sunday, April 19, 2009
I Wonder

I've purchased a package of 10 plastic hangers every Saturday for the last six weeks.  That's 60 hangers.  Today I yelled from the utility room, "I need hangers.  Lots of hangers."   Silence.  Then a few sputtering, "I don't have any."  "No extras in my closet." 

I wonder where they go.  I added 60 hangers to the (undoubtedly) hundreds already in the house.

I cooked six lbs. of hamburger after lunch today (which was - surprisingly - burgers) to freeze in two-lb bags.  Most of our favorite recipes begin, "Brown two lbs. of lean ground beef" - and in the evening, there's time only to assemble, so I cook the meat ahead.  And what do I find but an empty snack box.

I wonder who puts an empty snack box in the freezer?  I'm suspecting it's the same person who puts empty Pringles cans back in the pantry.  And leaves 1/2 of one pretzel in the jar on the counter.

Rachel and Lois have gotten me hooked on Fail Blog, which I now peruse about once a week.  Every day for two weeks, I've stared at this page from a child's workbook, wondering what a whale, piano, penguin, train and boot have in common.  At first I thought "five letter words" - whale, piano, train, oops, "penguin" and "boot" blow it.  Then I thought maybe it was some first vowel pattern, like train, penguin,  piano, boot....oops, "whale" blows it.    Then I thought color pattern - black and white piano keys, black and white penguin, black and white whale...oops, the train and boot blow it.  Then I thought "track," like maybe it's a player piano with music on a track, the boot and the penguin leave tracks, the train runs on a track..but what about the whale?  I even googled the words, and found others have posted their frustrations with deciphering the pattern.

So what's the pattern for the bottom right box?  I am not getting it.  And it's bugging the heck out of me.  And I wonder why it bugs me so much, too.

Wishing you a wonder-ful week....and please let me know if you figure out the pattern.  Then I can go back to fretting about hangers and snack boxes.

Posted at 01:55 pm by beckyww

April 21, 2009   11:02 AM PDT
ANSWER: all things that are made up of molecules.

....you're welcome.
April 20, 2009   12:29 PM PDT
Ok so the common theme is that they are all in the lower right box!!! Or all things that Chuck Norris hates!!!
April 20, 2009   07:57 AM PDT
You are going to have to post the answer if you find it ... cuz now it is bugging me!
April 20, 2009   07:06 AM PDT
Well, it's probably "none". Really.

But I really liked, "Things taxed by democrats" and "Things not yet explained on Lost".
April 19, 2009   10:40 PM PDT
i ate the last hot pocket and left the box in there.

and i have like 25 million hangers in my closet. like, there's so many that they cant stay on the rack hardly anymore.

and to answer the puzzle: the category is- things that have pissed me off at one time or another.

there, now you wonder no more. i hope you can now sleep easier at night knowing that all of your problems have been answered.

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