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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Beauty & The Beast

Viewer's Choice of Titles
(Please Comment Your Choice)

Rachel and Hannah's Ulta-cellent Adventure
or Mamma Mia (I've Become)
or The True Story of My Lipstick

Posted at 07:46 pm by beckyww

August 25, 2008   07:07 PM PDT
seriously sarah. shut up. you KNOW it has HIV. because, ahem, yeah. moms kindaaaa like that. coughslutcough.
August 23, 2008   11:03 AM PDT
Okay, that lipstick scares me. I must confess I don't think it has HIV - unless you have been using it for purposes of which it was not intended but that that is for a different post.

Seriously, buy a new lipstick. 20 year old gooey stuff is frightening. For all you know, they used lead in that stuff.

For $8, you can have a new lipstick. Seriously. No kidding.
August 19, 2008   04:52 AM PDT
LOL! The True Story of My Lipstick for sure. But I'm with you Becky. I only use the littlest possible just to say I do.

I e-mailed you the SBP. Let me know if you didn't get it this time.
August 18, 2008   06:23 PM PDT
come on Becky, let Rachel buy you a new lipstick! It is soooo needed and you will enjoy having a "smooth" lipstick...
August 16, 2008   01:07 AM PDT
Rachel has more "everyday" makeup than I have in my theatre make-up--and that covers looks from the 1800's to present!

There's a whole theory on how the shape of one's lipstick reflects one's personality. Hmm...Perhaps I'll have to do a series...
August 15, 2008   05:49 PM PDT
Becky, please let Rachel buy you a new lipstick. It is necessary.
August 15, 2008   07:01 AM PDT
Becky, I'm closer to your style as far as makeup. I have a very minimal amount. At the moment I possess 1 of each foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara and eye liner. I also carry one lipstick. It lasts me a while. I can't say I have any as old as Sarah (20 years). That's amazing! My daughter has lots more makeup than I do. She worked for Este' Lauder one summer and got hooked.
August 15, 2008   02:40 AM PDT
Girls, I too come from a home where my mother marvels at the amount of make up I own. In my old age, I've slowed down quite a bit, but you go with your free samples! I've made some of my best discoveries that way! And I'm with you on the amount of it...variety is the spice of life, right?

Yeah, we gotta get you some more lipstick, Becky. It starts to smell funny when it's that old! And the texture gets weird! You probably don't remember what it felt like back when it was new...but trust me, it was a bit different. We might even be able to find that very same shade...only NOT toxic. Imagine! :)
August 14, 2008   09:35 PM PDT
ohh trust me, my allowance is minimal. my salary pays for a lot of that. and gifts from my favorite cousin and aunt dont hurt:)

AHEM- sarah and aunt judy COUGH.

but, its actually really sad b/c when people see the rubbermaid express up in my bathroom, they're like "OH MY GOD YOU BOUGHT OUT SEPHORA" and i'm just like, um what are you talking about? I consider the amount of makeup I own to be average. And it grows almost everyday:)


August 14, 2008   08:48 PM PDT
I came up with many more titles


Becky, I am sending you new lipstick. We will call it Operation Pucker Up

I am so glad I have boys.

Rachel's allowance is too big
August 14, 2008   07:54 PM PDT
first to comment!

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